What Every Patient Should Know About Dental Benefits

Myth: Dental insurance is similar to medical insurance.

Fact: Dental benefits can help pay for limited services such as preventive care and some single tooth or single quadrant dentistry within a calendar year, but dental benefits are so limited that they pay for a very small percentage of the fees for multiple tooth dentistry and complex treatment plans. Some dental procedures are not covered at all by dental benefits.

Myth: I should ask the doctor to limit treatment to those items covered by my dental benefits.

Fact: We have an ethical obligation to diagnose and share our findings with you. We base treatment recommendations on the needs of the patient, not the limitations of the benefits. We respect your right to make decisions regarding your oral health, but we want you to be totally informed.

Myth: I have 100% coverage.

Fact: There is no such thing as full coverage. However, we will do everything possible to help you maximize your benefits. We will also work with you and offer you several options to help you stretch out payments over time.